This exhibit only explores one aspect of desegregation and civil rights in Boston, if you would like more resources on the subject, here are some other links:

Boston Busing Desegregation Project: Extensive oral histories and storycircles, with data and reports compiled by the group. In their resources section they have compiled an extensive list of resources all over the internet.

Lower Roxbury Oral History Project: Recent Oral History Project done at the Northeastern Archives and Special Collections involving various Roxbury community members, including Paul Parks. Many interviewees discuss busing as well as the activism that is discussed in this exhibit.

Ronald W. Bailey Oral History Collection: Oral Histories completed in preparation for a book written by Ronald W. Bailey. Interviewees include prominant community leaders Byron Rushing, Mel King, and Milton Derr, desegregation is discussed.

Facing History and Ourselves, Boston Public Schools Civil Rights Curriculum: General materials for curriculum around Civil Rights, with a specific unit on school desegregation in Boston.